GSI TympStar Pro Middle-Ear Analyzer


Smart, Ergonomic Interface

The TympStar Pro™ performs a full battery of middle-ear measurements on patients of all ages. Audiologists will feel an instant comfort with the TympStar Pro's consistent interface. GSI understands that efficiency is required in today’s busy audiology practice and strives to provide hearing healthcare professionals a versatile and reliable comprehensive middle-ear analyzer.

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TympStar Pro Diagnostic Tympanometer Video

New Testing Options With the TympStar Pro


Multi-Frequency Test

The addition of the Multi-Hz Test to the TympStar Pro provides audiologists the tools needed to confidently identify resonance frequency of the middle ear system. This powerful test can be completed five times faster than its predecessor and takes as little as 13 seconds to complete. Multi-Hz offers the efficiency and accuracy needed to assess pathologies in the middle ear system.

Patulous ET Identification

The TympStar Pro now has a dedicated test type to identify a patulous Eustachian tube. the capability to store measurements from four test conditions and an adjustable time base makes the Patulous ET Test a reliable, flexible, and customizable option to meet the need of every facility's protocol.
TympStar Pro Spend Your Time on the Patient

Quick, Convenient Testing

Use screening tympanogram and reflexes to quickly evaluate pediatric patients. The touch screen allows hearing health-care professionals to easily change test ears and test parameters, leaving more time to interact with patients.

  • TympStar Pro Features Confidence

    Confidence in testing

    The TympStar Pro is a comprehensive middle-ear analyzer which takes precision to the next level. Evaluate neural integrity, reflex pathways and Eustachian tube function with one touch. Have complete confidence during reflex threshold testing with artifact-free tracings. Eliminate the “null” point that cancels out the reflex with multiplex pulsed-tone stimulation for ipsilateral reflex recordings.

  • TympStar Pro Streamline Features

    Streamline day to day operations

    Benefit from Auto Start in both hearing screening and diagnostic tympanometry. Save time and improve consistency in testing with user defined auto sequence testing - perform tympanometry, reflex threshold and reflex decay testing with a single button press. Define patient or user specific test protocols that will adjust settings for immediate testing.

  • TympStar Pro Features 1

    Every patient population

    Take advantage of multiple probe tone frequencies. Test a diverse patient population, all with differing middle-ear pathologies with 226, 678 and 1000 Hz probe tones. Utilize the manual pump control to offset peak pressure to achieve faster pump speeds for uncomfortable children. Validate electrode placement for cochlear implant patients with ESRT. Start and stop tests and switch test ears from the probe box so you can interface with difficult to test patients. 

GSI TympStar Pro Auto Start is Here

Save Time with Auto Start

As soon as a seal is obtained in the ear, the sweep begins without any need to press buttons to save time with challenging patients.

Key Tympanometer Features

  • 1.  Tymp Touch Technology

    The 12 inch color display allows the examiner to change parameters with a single touch. 

  • 2.  Programmable User Tests 

    Predefined protocols to save time and create consistency in testing. 

  • 3.  Zoom Function 

    For detailed analysis, use the zoom to analyze test results. 

GSI TympStar Pro Product Features
  • 4.  Stand-Alone and PC Enabled

    EMR/EHR compatible with GSI Suite for reporting and counselling. Suite is a module within Noah for comprehensive reporting. 

  • 5.  Test Type Buttons

    Fast transition between tests for accurate and efficient testing. 

  • 6.  Multiple Probe Tone Frequencies

    Test a diverse patient population with 226, 678 and 1000 Hz that come standard to test infants up to 6 months of age. 



  • diagnostic-resize

    Diagnostic Tympanometry

    The components of tympanometry, Y, G and B, are recorded and stored simultaneously for each tympanogram tracing. The audiologist may access all immittance components for additional diagnostic information when test results are questionable.

  • acoustic reflex-resize

    Acoustic Reflex Decay 

    After establishing reflex thresholds, transition to acoustic reflex decay testing begins with one button press. The appropriate stimulus level for each test frequency will be set based on the stored reflex threshold.

  • TympStar Pro Middle-Ear Analyzer ETF

    Eustachian Tube Function (ETF)

    Intact or perforated, all will be shown on the tympanogram. Displayed is a table of the test data with Vea, peak and shift daPa. There is also an area where instructions of next steps will be visible for the tester for easy diagnostics.

  • TympStar Pro Testing Screener


    Perform a fast evaluation of the acoustic mechanic properties of the ear in the screening mode. Automatic start on seal for both 226 and 1,000 Hz probe tones ensures a fast picture of the middle-ear. It is possible to run up to 4 screening reflexes using any combination of ipsilateralor contralateral stimulation.

TympStar Pro EMR Made Easy

Tympanometric EMR Made Easy

GSI Suite is an audiologic data management software solution. With a single button press, data is transferred from the instrument to the software where it is stored and a report may be generated.

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