GSI 39 Combined Screening Power

Audiometry and

Fit for Your Screening Facility

The GSI 39™ provides a flexible screening product for tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements and audiometry. This portable device is available in five different versions. Choose the features needed today and upgrade easily to the additional features as your needs expand in the future. These upgrades can be managed in your facility by your local GSI authorized distributor.

  • GSI 39 Portable Tympanometer Audiometer
  • GSI 39 Features Flexible

    Flexible configuration

    Accommodate a variety of testing needs with 10 configurations. Combine tympanometry, ipsi and contra reflex screening and screening audiometry to quickly assess middle-ear function, neural integrity and audiologic function from infant to geriatric patients.

  • GSI 39 Features Reliability

    Reliability you can trust

    GSI has a history of manufacturing products that are designed for durability. Enjoy the flexibility of a portable stand-alone device with and on-board printer and 12 page memory bank or connect to a PC for seamless EMR/EHR transfer.

  • GSI 39 Features Automatic

    It's fast

    Soon as the probe tip obtains a seal in the ear canal, the tympanogram will automatically begin. Pressure sweep is 600/200 daPa per second which provides a fast and accurate picture of the middle-ear function.

GSI 39 A Perfect Combo - 226 Hz and 1,000 Hz

Two Screening Options

A special "combo" probe is available option with all versions this combines both 226 Hz and 1,000 Hz measurement capability. Both infant and adult normative ranges may be selected as a guide on the display and printouts.

Key Combo Features 

  • 1.  Normative Data

    ASHA norms box for 226 Hz and Margolis percentile area for 1 kHz probe testing allows results to be immediately assessed against norms. 

  • 2.  Screening Audiometry (Optional) 

    Fast and accurate air conduction screening from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. Steady, pulsed, FM provides a variety of interesting test stimuli to accommodate all screening environments. 

  • 3.  Five Versions 

    Allows screening in many combinations of tymp IPSI and contra reflex screening and audiometry.

GSI 39 Product Features
  • 4.  Printing Options 

    Choose between audiogram or tabular format for easy viewing. Use the internal printer or connect to a external printer via a USB connection. For reflex results with tracing and HL values or dB HL values or Yes/No responses. 

  • 5.  IPSI and Contra Reflex Screening 

    For both 226 Hz and 1000 Hz probe tone, quickly screen for neural integrity of the auditory system. 

  • 6.  Stand-Alone or PC Enabled

    Have the reliability of a stand-alone device with the ability to be EMR/EHR compatible. A single button press transfers tympanometric and audiologic data for advanced reporting options.



GSI 39 EMR Made Easy

EMR Made

GSI Suite is an audiologic data management software solution. With a single button press, data is transferred from the instrument to the software where it is stored and a report may be generated.

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