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    Newborn screening has never been easier. The GSI Novus™ is a sleek, handheld, comprehensive newborn screener that is easy to use and provides consistently accurate results. The Novus features a touch screen display, intuitive software in a compact hardware design, and a long-lasting battery. The Novus may be configured with any combination of auditory brainstem response (ABR) and otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE and DPOAE) which allows for seamless two stage infant hearing screening. The device is also equipped with HearSIM data management software, allowing clinicians to track patients, export information, and coordinate follow-up testing. 

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Q. What is the Pass-Checker on the GSI Novus?
A. The Pass-Checker is an accessory that may be used to perform a quality check of a Novus that has the ABR test option to ensure the integrity of the electrode lead wires and transducers.

Q. Which age groups can be tested with the Novus?
A. The auditory brainstem response measurement is intended for newborns and infants up to 6 months of age. The otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE and/or TEOAE) measurement is intended for use in patients of all ages.

Q. How long does the Novus battery last?
A. The Novus battery is capable of conducting dozens of tests before recharging. A fully charged battery will last for approximately 50 ABR screens and 150 OAE screens, depending on test times. When the charge is low, it will operate from the wireless charging dock.

Q. What is the Quick Test on the Novus?
A. The Quick Test allows the user to immediately perform a test without entry of patient demographics. These results are saved temporarily under the patient name of “Quick Test”. You may save a Quick Test session at a later time by entering the Patient Information.

Q. How can I print the screening test results from the Novus?
A. Screening test results may be printed directly from the Novus using the wireless label printer. Test results may be transferred to the PC using the HearSIM software and printed to a full size printer.

An infant being evaluated for AABR with the GSI Novus

With a single start selection, you may run an ABR test or OAE test. The Novus will evaluate probe stability and automatically begin the testing routine. Powerful response detection algorithms for OAE and ABR ensure the Novus will quickly assign a pass or refer result.

  • portable


    Its compact design allows the Novus to be easily transported to the infant’s bedside for convenient testing. The Novus is the perfect solution for a busy hospital that needs a newborn hearing screener that is reliable, portable, and fast.

  • dependable


    High-volume hospitals rely on the Novus is designed to withstand the constant, intense nature of hospital screenings. The device is designed to provide consistently accurate results, so you can screen for infant hearing loss day in and day out.

  • easy-to-use


    A newborn hearing screening device that is too complicated can be inefficient and slow down training and workflow. The Novus has a straightforward and logical interface that hospital screeners can learn to use quickly and with confidence.

AABR testing being performed on a newborn

The Novus offers two methods for simultaneous ABR tests by using IP30 insert phones with ear tips or ear cups. Testing both ears at the same time offers significant time saving benefits and less disruption to newborns and infants.



    The Novus can combine ABR and OAE capabilities into one device. Reduce training time and screen infants in well-baby and NICU nurseries with one device.


    CE-Chirp ABR responses are twice as large as traditional click stimulus. Larger responses result in faster test times.


    Perform a hearing test without entering demographic information. Ideal when training new staff or when you need to test a newborn quickly. 

  • GSI Novus Features

    Save time with automatic results as soon as pass/refer criteria are met. The Novus is optimized to provide accurate results from the infant ear.


    Screening staff feels an instant comfort with the intuitive touch screen display and can navigate seamlessly through the testing screens.


    A wireless charging dock comes standard with the Novus. Screening tests can be completed any time when the battery is low and is charging in the wireless dock. A fully charged Novus can last for approximately 50 ABR screens or 150 OAE screens.



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Novus AABR Testing


The Novus uses fast rate ABR technology with a powerful response detection algorithm.

Novus OAE Testing


Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) and Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emission (TEOAE) protocols provide visual feedback to the screener through every step of the screening test.

GSI Novus AABR screener in the charging cradle

A full schedule of testing is no problem for the Novus. The Novus can perform approximately 50 ABR or 150 OAE screens on a single charge. When the battery is low, testing may continue while the Novus is stationed in the cradle.

Novus HearSIM Data Management


HearSIM™ software is a dynamic tool that has everything you need to manage your newborn hearing screening program. Store, view, and print test results. Export patient and testing information. Customize the Novus settings.



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