GSI 18 The Traveling Screening Audiometer


Maximum Flexibility

GSI 18™ provides a wide variety of stimuli to accommodate all screening environments. In a school screening environment, it’s easier for the operator to test a distracted child with a more interesting signal. In an industrial screening environment, the operator can present a signal that allows the patient to distinguish the signal from “ringing” in the ear.

  • GSI 18 Manual Audiometer
  • GSI 18 Testing Features

    Multiple routes to results 

    Flexibility and options make the GSI 18 a logical choice for every screening environment. Full frequency and intensity range allows for simple screening or more advanced air conduction threshold evaluations. The patient response button, stimulus modifications and choice of two transducers make it ideal for varied patient populations. 

  • GSI 18 Portable Feature

    Take it along

    Take advantage of the portable features on the GSI 18. Weighing in at 2.5 pounds, this screening audiometer is perfect for traveling from site to site. Do not limit your testing by the power source. Choose from AC or battery operation. With 5 AA batteries, 10 hours of testing may be achieved.

  • GSI 18 Adaptable Feature

    Switch freely

    Easily switch between supra-aural and insert headphones as the environment dictates. The GSI 18 holds calibration for two air conduction transducers. Comply with infection control policies with disposable insert eartips. 

GSI 18 Full Frequency and Decibel Range

Full Frequency and Decibel Range

Easily achieve comprehensive air conduction results with a full frequency range (125 Hz to 8000 Hz) and a generous decibel range (from 0 dB to 100 dB). 

Key Audiometer Features

  • 1.  Logical Interface 

    Operation consistency with GSI legacy of simple operation. Minimal training will be required to perform screening evaluations. 

  • 2.  Three Test Stimuli

    Steady, pulsed and FM pure tone options accommodate all screening environments. 

  • 3.  Transducer Options

    Switch between headphones and insert phones. The product holds calibration for two transducers. 

GSI 18 Product Features
  • 4.  Frequency and Decibel Range

    Provides the ability to conduct complete air conduction evaluation for all levels of hearing loss. Achieve thresholds from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz and 0-100 dB HL. 

  • 5.  AC or Battery Operation

    Don't limit your testing by your power source. Receive 10 full hours of testing may be achieved with five AA batteries. 

  • 6.  Lightweight and Portable 

    The 2.5 pounds, include carrying case and the battery power option, makes it easy to take it from site to site. 



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