We are committed to ensuring an excellent experience for our customers, with comprehensive support throughout the life of the product. Our team of certified trained professionals, from clinical application to software and service support, offer you peace of mind when purchasing from GSI. We are a committed and proactive team, providing a resolution no matter the level of complexity. Additionally, remote assistance and a live chat are available to help resolve any questions that you may have about your equipment.


As a global organization, we have a strong brand presence in over 70 countries. GSI is committed to providing exceptional and easily-accessible support throughout our extensive distribution network. We partner with local organizations that can support the complete needs of our customers. Our local GSI distributor in your area serves as the first point of contact for you to meet your requests. They will work with you to find the correct solution for your equipment. Reach out to your distributor today to get connected.



    Our clinical application support team provides valuable insight and troubleshooting guidance for common questions about your device. The members of our clinical application team have a combined 60+ years of experience in the industry, with the knowledge to address any task with GSI equipment. Some of what you can expect from this team includes configuring your equipment, providing tips and tricks to common testing scenarios, or reviewing additional materials for further product education.




    Our software support team is ready to address any computer issues that may arise with your equipment. The team will instantly connect and resolve any software, configuration, or compatibility errors, ensuring your clinical uptime. We want to resume smooth operation and optimal performance of our products, while being attentive and responsive to your needs.






    Our skilled service team provides timely repairs when they are needed. We understand that repairs are critical to our customers' operations and productivity, and we want to minimize that down time. Grason-Stadler products can span generations in operation, which is a true testament to their quality. As a result, parts may be limited or discontinued. Our team will do their best to service your device and find a suitable solution.


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