GSI Corti Easy As 1,2,3


Accurate, Reliable, and Easy-to-Use

The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening instrument that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) in infants, children and adults. Offering the ability to rapidly screen newborns, the Corti meets recommended screening protocols and provides diagnostic OAE testing. The Corti is accurate, fast, easy-to-use and reliable.

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GSI Cort Video
  • Corti feature training

    Minimal training required

    A complete evaluation - from turning on the system to evaluating both ears, takes only 3 button presses. The four button navigation provides intuitive operation that ensures confidence in testing with minimal training. The color display and friendly screen prompts guide the operator through functions such as selecting a protocol, probe placement or transferring results to the Data Manager. 

  • Corti feature noise

    Cut out that noise

    Noisy testing environments are an ongoing challenge for OAE evaluations. The patented Noise Artifact Rejection Algorithm smartly assesses the response in variable background noise, improving test result accuracy and saving valuable test time in noisy environments. The AutoStart check and in-the-ear calibration ensures testing is started in acceptable conditions.

  • Corti OAE screening features speed

    Little as 8 seconds

    Testing a single ear can be accomplished as quickly as 8-16 seconds for those restless or inattentive patients. The Corti provides pre-defined and user-defined protocols to address multiple environments. Patients with PE tubes may be tested. Meet testing requirements with the default or customized protocols.  

GSI Corti When Speed Matters

Rapid OAE Results

Screening can be completed in seconds per ear, saving valuable time, increasing accuracy and reducing the risk of a newborn waking during screening.

Key OAE Device Features 

  • 1.  Flexible Protocols 

    With the Corti, easily change the DP or TE protocols. 

  • 2.  Auto Start Confidence 

    Automatically starts screening after ensuring probe is placed properly and conditions are ready. 

  • 3.  Accurate

    Unique noise management algorithm improves screening results and screening time in noisy environments. 

GSI Corti Product Features
  • 4.  Simple Operation

    With only 3 button presses, testing is completed in both ears. The 4 button design ensures logical screening and diagnostic testing with minimal training. 

  • 5.  Cradle Convenience (Optional) 

    Corti is always charging and ready for name and data transfer when placed in the handy cradle between tests. 

  • 6.  No Clean, OAE Probe 

    OAE probe that never requires cleaning. Low cost, disposable ear tips.



GSI Corti providing flexibility with 6 configurations

Giving You the Flexibility

The Corti provides six different configuration options that meet the needs for virtually all clinic environments: three options for screening and three options for diagnostic testing. Screening options include DP, TE or DP plus TE screening. Diagnostic configurations include DP, TE, or DP plus TE diagnostics.

GSI Corti EMR Made Easy

Otoacoustic Emissions
EMR Made Easy

GSI Suite is an audiologic data management software solution. With a single button press, data is transferred from the instrument to the software where it is stored and a report may be generated.

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