A line of audiometers, tympanometers, oae, and evoked potentials devices from Grason-Stadler



  • AudioStar Pro Two Channel Clinical Audiometer from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI AudioStar Pro™ is a 2 channel clinical audiometer. It is designed to perform efficient audiometric evaluations on every patient population. Recent updates include channel specific store buttons, the ability to load and review past sessions before transfer, updated monitor speaker, and new symbols such as unspecified bone and cochlear implant. The AudioStar Pro provides flexibility and confidence in testing for any testing scenario.

  • Pello 1.5 Channel Diagnostic Audiometer from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI Pello™ is a 1.5 channel diagnostic audiometer with a small footprint and familiar Grason-Stadler design. This mid-level audiometer is the perfect solution for a small or growing practice because of its flexibility. Four testing modules allows you to customize the device depending on what your clinic needs. Recent updates include autoplay enhancements for internal speech files. The Pello is a great option for growing practices and satellite clinics.

  • GSI 18 Screening Audiometer from Grason-Stadler

    GSI 18

    With its unsurpassed durability, the GSI 18™ is designed to be the ideal audiometer for every hearing screening situation. From educational institutions and industrial settings, to physicians’ offices and managed care facilities, test for hearing loss on the go with this portable audiometer. Plus, this audiometer's ergonomic design and logical navigation makes performing audiology tests simple.

  • AMTAS Pro Automated Audiometry from Grason-Stadler


    GSI AMTAS™, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity is a patient-directed hearing evaluation tool that uses patented test methods and accuracy algorithms to perform diagnostic or screening audiometry. AMTAS Pro™ software is run through a GSI AudioStar Pro or GSI Pello audiometer that is connected to a touch screen computer.

  • AMTAS Flex Automated Audiometry from Grason-Stadler


    GSI AMTAS, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity, is a patient-directed evaluation tool that uses patented test methods and accuracy algorithms to perform screening audiometry. AMTAS Flex™ software is run through a tablet computer with no audiometer required.


  • TympStar Pro Clinical Tympanometer from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI TympStar Pro™ tympanometer offers comprehensive middle ear testing capabilities that support the needs of hearing healthcare professionals. Change parameters on the fly or interpret tympanometric test results with the touch screen display. Protocols may be configured on the tympanometer to optimize efficiency and workflow; the flexibility of pre-defined protocols saves time and creates consistency in hearing evaluation procedures.

  • Allegro Handheld Screening Tympanometer from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI Allegro™ is a handheld screening device ready to take on any testing environment that requires tympanometry and ipsilateral reflexes. The Allegro offers quick and easy tympanometry testing with a familiar four button navigation. Automatic measurements of middle ear status are completed in seconds using configurable test settings for the tympanometer.

  • GSI 39 Audiometry and Tympanometry machine from Grason-Stadler

    GSI 39

    The GSI 39™ Auto Tymp is a flexible screening product for tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements, and audiometry. The tympanometer is available in five different versions to meet the unique demands of each facility. All five versions are fast, versatile, and easy to use. It is possible to add additional modalities such as audiometry, contralateral reflexes, or 1000 Hz probe tone as the facility hearing testing requirements expand.


  • Corti Otoacoustic Emissions Screener from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and newborn screening instrument that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) for infants, children, and adults. Offering the ability to rapidly screen hearing in newborns, the Corti meets worldwide recommended screening protocols and provides diagnostic OAE testing.

Evoked Potentials

  • Audera Pro OAE and Evoked Potentials Device from Grason-Stadler


    The GSI Audera Pro™ is the next generation of the highly acclaimed clinical evoked potential and OAE system, the GSI Audera. The Audera Pro offers a comprehensive battery of test types covering evoked potentials (EP) and otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). The Audera Pro comes with all of the great features of its predecessor but now offers a number of significant updates to support the needs of the modern audiology practice. The Audera Pro generates quick and efficient quality data, providing simple system operation, and utilizes convenient database management.

  • Novus Newborn Hearing Screener from Grason-Stadler in charging cradle


    The GSI Novus™ is an ABR/OAE screener that features a touch screen display and intuitive software in a compact hardware design. The Novus may be configured with any combination of ABR, TEOAE, and DPOAE. The Novus is the perfect solution for a busy newborn hearing screening clinic to gather early information about an infant's hearing loss.


  • GSI Suite Audiometric Data Management


    GSI Suite™ is an audiologic data management solution that is compatible with many GSI audiometers, tympanometers, and other devices: the GSI Pello, GSI TympStar Pro, GSI AudioStar Pro, GSI AMTAS, GSI Corti, GSI 39, and legacy products. With a single button press, patient hearing test results are transferred from the instrument to the software where it is stored or a report may be generated to create a comprehensive report on a patient's hearing loss. 



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