Quick and Easy Tympanometry

The GSI Allegro™ is a new handheld screening device ready to take on any testing environment that requires tympanometry and ipsilateral reflexes. The Allegro offers quick and easy testing with a logical four button navigation and user configurable test settings. Automatic measurements of middle ear status are completed in seconds. The Allegro includes a portable charging cradle, thermal printer, and carrying case.

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With the Allegro, a tympanogram automatically begins recording as soon as the ear canal seal is obtained. No additional button presses are needed. Therefore, testing can be completed quickly with challenging patients.

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    As Fast As Three Seconds

    Perform a tympanogram on a single ear in as little as three seconds. Quick testing is crucial for testing a diverse patient population.

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    Training is Easy

    New staff can begin testing with confidence within a few minutes. The Allegro is a device that is easy to use and easy to train users, with its four button navigation and logical interface.

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    The Allegro is ideal for situations such as a satellite clinic where a lightweight device that is easy to transport is important. The device also comes with a carrying case.


Signature Navigation

A signature feature on many GSI products, the Allegro provides a simple four button navigation pad. With just a few button presses, you can conduct testing for both tympanometry and acoustic reflex threshold measurements, as well as review and print results.

Key Tympanometry Features

  • 1.  Quick Seal

    Quickly obtain a seal for tympanometry. Once a seal is obtained, testing begins immediately with auto-start. 

  • 2.  4 Stimulus Frequencies

    Select one or more frequencies to be tested after tympanometry. Available frequencies include 500, 1200, 2000, and 4000 Hz. 

  • 3.  Portable Design

    The Allegro is designed with portability in mind. The device is lightweight and perfect for any testing environment. 

  • 4.  Simple Navigation

    Four button navigation simplifies the testing procedures for a fast-paced testing environment. 

  • 5.  Memory

    Test multiple patients and manage the data at your convenience. The Allegro can store up to 32 patient test results to be analyzed and managed at a different time. 

  • 6.  Customizable User Settings

    Global settings such as test sequence and test prompts may be defined by the user.




Easy Charging, Convenient Printing

The Allegro comes with a portable charging cradle. A fully charged device will last approximately eight hours for testing. Seamlessly print from the cradle when the device is connected to the charging cradle.


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