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Grason-Stadler is a world leader in audiometric assessment instrumentation and carries a full line of audiometers, tympanometers, otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) and auditory evoked potential instruments. In research facilities, hospitals, private practice, and schools, GSI has been the equipment of choice for hearing healthcare professionals throughout the world for 75 years.

GSI's motto is "Designed Smart, Built Strong." GSI devices are Designed Smart with the audiologist in mind, providing ease of use with the superior ergonomic design of our one button, one function navigation. Built Strong, our devices can take on the most routine to complex testing scenarios.



What you get from GSI is not only a smart and strong device, but also ongoing support for the life of the product. We continuously work to provide the best customer experience in the industry. We have a team of highly skilled professionals in house and in the field that are committed to you. From consultation to installation, to ongoing support and calibration, we strive to be your preferred audiometric provider for years to come. 



  • GSI Product Features Quality


    Product quality has been a hallmark of the GSI brand over the years, and remains the predominant association people have with the company to this day. GSI products are built to last. GSI legacy products are still in operation in many practices worldwide, which is a true testament to our quality standards.

  • GSI Product Features Reliable


    GSI products are built to operate in any environment without restrictions being connected to a PC. In event of a network failure, GSI products are stand-alone allowing the user to continue their testing. Most GSI products are PC enabled allowing for seamless EMR transferring.

  • GSI Product Features User Friendly


    A signature feature of a GSI product is the ergonomic design and one-button, one-function accessibility. Our goal is to keep the users focused on the patient, not on the product. Users quickly familiarize themselves with both the control panel and menu navigation.



Today the diversity of hearing health care professionals and clinical settings is great, each with varying needs. GSI offers a full line of audiometers, middle ear analyzers, otoacoustic emissions, and auditory evoked potential instruments for clinical, diagnostic, and screening environments. GSI couples the comfort and tradition of testing on a dedicated device with the convenient one button data transfer to a PC.




With a worldwide distributor network of over 100 offices, GSI provides products and support to hearing healthcare professionals in over 70 countries. Our strategic partners, both distributors and customers, have always been active participants and collaborators in the business process, providing important feedback on product development, training, and process improvement. GSI also prides itself in partnering with the leading universities and foundations for research, tests, and clinical trials. Follow the link below to find the GSI distributor nearest to you.


Grason-Stadler Founders


In 1949, Rufus Grason and Steven Stadler co-founded Grason-Stadler (GSI). The company originally manufactured electronic medical instruments for behavioral and pharmaceutical research but in 1952 introduced its first clinical audiometer.



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