• GSI Suite audiometric data management software from Grason-Stadler



    With a single button press, hearing test data is transferred from the instrument to GSI Suite, where it is stored or a report may be generated. Audiometric, tympanometric, and OAE test results are combined into predefined or fully customized report templates. GSI Suite is supporting the needs of the contemporary clinic. 

    Compatible with: AudioStar Pro, Pello, TympStar Pro, Corti, AMTAS, GSI 39, and other legacy products.

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GSI Suite Data Management Video


Q. Is it possible to have audiometry, tympanometry, and OAE data on a single page report?
A. Yes, GSI Suite includes a template for a comprehensive report that displays audiometry, middle ear testing, and OAEs on a single page. It is also possible to have a completely customized report using the template editor.

Q. Are there any tools in GSI Suite to assist in counseling my patients on hearing loss?
A. Yes, the counsel icon allows the examiner to enlarge the audiogram and overlay up to four counseling tools making the explanation of hearing loss fast and effective. The overlay options include the following: Hearing Loss Levels, Speech Banana, Phonemes, and Common Sound Pictures. You may display one or up to all of the overlays.

Q. How is a report from GSI Suite attached to an existing EMR/EHR?
A. GSI Suite can save reports into the following formats: PDF, XPS, JPG, or TIFF. The reports may be saved to a predefined location such as your EMR program.

Q. What GSI equipment is compatible with GSI Suite?
A. The following GSI equipment is compatible with GSI Suite: GSI AudioStar Pro (versions 1 and 2), GSI TympStar Pro, GSI Corti, GSI 39, and the legacy products GSI 61, GSI TympStar (v1 and v2).

Q. Is there a way to integrate results from non-GSI equipment into GSI Suite?
A. When you use GSI Suite as a module of Noah, GSI Suite is able to display common results from audiometers and middle ear analyzers. These results may be integrated into a GSI Suite customized report.

A clinician reviewing audiometry testing results


Create an unlimited number of report templates to satisfy all possible test conditions. Define file type (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS) and locations to save files with a single click. 


  • Powerful Custom Report Designer or select from a variety of pre-defined report templates.
  • Test results saved in a compatible format (PDF, XPS, JPEG, TIFF) for attaching to an EMR/EHR.
  • Counseling overlays for immediate feedback to the patient.
  • Noah compatible.  
  • Results from audiometers, tympanometers, and OAE devices stored in one place.
  • Network data from multiple instruments by combining GSI Suite with OtoAccess or Noah 4.
  • GSI Suite Pure Tone


  • GSI Suite Tympanometry Data


  • GSI Suite OAE Data


An audiologist counseling a patient on audiometric testing results


Counseling overlays assist the clinician with counseling patients about results of the hearing evaluation with visual aids. Select the counseling overlays drop down to select from four options: phonemes, speech banana, common sounds and hearing loss level.  



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