The adaptable audiometer

The GSI Pello™ is a NEW adaptable mid-level audiometer that is perfect for a small or growing practice because of its flexibility.

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Total Solution12-29-16

Total solution for patient care 

The GSI TympStar Pro™ and GSI AudioStar Pro™ combine expertise in diagnosis. GSI can support your clinical needs through the total solution!

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For all testing environments

The GSI Corti™ is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic and screening instrument that measures Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) in infants, children and adults. Now, transfer your OAE data into GSI Suite. 

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What can AMTAS do for you?



Grason-Stadler is excited to introduce GSI AMTAS™, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity. This is a patient-directed evaluation tool that uses patented test methods and accuracy algorithms to perform diagnostic or screening audiometry. AMTAS software is run through a GSI AudioStar Pro™ or GSI Pello™ that is connected to a touch screen computer.

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