Providing Automated Options

AMTAS provides two automated options, AMTAS Flex™ and AMTAS Pro™, to fit a clinician's busy work environment. AMTAS Flex is a stand-alone tablet test with no audiometer required. AMTAS Pro operates with a compatible GSI audiometer and touch screen computer.

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Complete Your Clinical Solution

GSI Suite
Take your clinical practice to the next level with GSI Suite. Compatible with most GSI Products, GSI Suite is a management software solution that combines audiometric, tympanometric, and OAE test results into a comprehensive patient report. With a single button press, data is transferred from the instrument to the software, where it is stored or a report may be generated.

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NEW Touch Screener

The NEW GSI Novus is a hand-held, comprehensive newborn hearing instrument. The Novus features a touch screen display and intuitive software in a compact hardware design. The device is configured with any combination of AABR,  TEOAE, and DPOAE. The Novus also offers a variety of premium disposables options based on the examiners preference and test type.

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Develop Your Automated Game Plan 

AMTAS was created as a resource for clinicians to help manage their busy schedules and promote efficient office workflow. GSI automated audiometry is available in two versions: AMTAS Flex and AMTAS Pro. This software obtains the results from basic testing, allowing more time for patient care. To learn more about how you can develop the perfect automated game plan, watch our video or follow the link below to the AMTAS product page!

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Introducing Good Question!

This year at AAA, we invited attendees to step up to the mic to record an audiologic question. Our experts were on-hand to answer them in-person. We took these recorded questions and answers to bring you Good Question, a video series featuring you, current and future audiologists, asking us questions ranging from equipment operations to very specific test types. We wil be releasing two Q&A videos a month to GSI social media over the next year. Check out the first video below!

Why are there three different probe tones for the TympStar Pro?

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