GSI Novus™
The Novus is a sleek, hand-held, comprehensive newborn hearing screening instrument. The Novus features a touch screen display and intuitive software in a compact hardware design. The device is configured with any combination of AABR, TEOAE, and DPOAE.

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Patient-Directed Evaluation Tool

GSI AMTAS, or Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity, is a patient-directed evaluation tool that uses patented test methods and accuracy algorithms to perform diagnostic or screening audiometry. AMTAS is now available in two versions: AMTAS Pro™ and AMTAS Flex™. To learn more about both versions and how they fit your needs, follow the link.

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Precision, Meet Familiarity

TympStar Pro™
The GSI TympStar Pro performs a full battery of middle-ear measurements on patients of all ages. Audiologists will immediately feel comfortable with TympStar Pro's intuitive design and touch screen display.

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Pello Offering Four Testing Modules

Mid-level Adaptable Audiometer

The GSI Pello™ is an adaptable audiometer with a small footprint and familiar GSI design. This mid-level audiometer is the perfect solution for growing practices due to its flexibility. Four configuration options allow each facility to mix and match features based on clinic and patient needs.

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