Providing Automated Options

AMTAS provides two automated options, AMTAS Flex™ and AMTAS Pro™, to fit a clinician's busy work environment. AMTAS Flex is a stand-alone tablet test with no audiometer required. AMTAS Pro operates with a compatible GSI audiometer and touch screen computer.

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A Clinical

AudioStar Pro™
The GSI AudioStar Pro provides a clinical two-channel audiometer solution. This device can take on the toughest test environments with its speed, offering logical single selection controls. The integrated features allow focus to remain on the patient, not the transitions, saving time and improving office workflow.

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Customization at Your Fingertips

The GSI Pello is a mid-level audiometer that is ideal for hearing healthcare professionals who want options tailored to their workflow preferences. Pello can be upgraded from the Standard license, which includes Bone, Air, and Speech testing, to additional configurations: Speech Plus, High Frequency, and/or Special Tests.

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Develop Your Automated Game Plan

The AMTAS was created as a resource for clinicians to help manage their busy schedules and promote efficient office workflow. GSI automated audiometry is available in two versions: AMTAS Flex and AMTAS Pro. This software obtains the results from basic testing, allowing more time for patient care. To learn more about how you can develop the perfect automated game plan, watch our video or follow the link below to the AMTAS product page!

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