Introducing the Allegro!

The Allegro is a handheld screening tympanometer that is ready for any environment that requires tympanometry and ipsilateral reflexes. The device offers quick testing of middle ear status that can be completed in seconds using configurable test settings.

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Patient-Focused Audiometry

The GSI Pello provides the practitioner the ability to keep the focus on the patient and not the device. With a familiar and user-friendly front panel design, the Pello allows practitioners to quickly test with confidence. Adapt the Pello to your needs with four different licensing options or add on AMTAS to take your practice's efficiency to the next level.

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Providing Automated Options

AMTAS provides two automated options, AMTAS Flex™ and AMTAS Pro™, to fit a clinician's busy work environment. AMTAS Flex is a stand-alone tablet test with no audiometer required. AMTAS Pro operates with a compatible GSI audiometer and touch screen computer.

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Laura Education

Upcoming LIVE Webinar!

What's New with GSI Screeners?

Presenter: Laura Prigge, AuD
November 8, 2018

It is important to perform screening evaluations to determine the need for more testing. This can include newborn hearing screening or screenings at a pediatrician or general practice physician's office. Becoming familiar with the screening options offered by GSI will allow audiologists to advise other medical professionals on appropriate equipment for hearing screening. The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth overview of the new screening products offered by GSI, the GSI Novus and the GSI Allegro.



Introducing Good Question!

Check out our featured video below!
How Do I Create a Customized Word List On My Audiometer?

This year at AAA, we invited attendees to step up to the mic to record an audiologic question. Our experts were on-hand to answer them in-person. We took these recorded questions and answers to bring you Good Question, a video series featuring you, current and future audiologists, asking us questions ranging from equipment operations to very specific test types. We wil be releasing two Q&A videos a month to GSI social media over the next year.

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