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The GSI Audera Pro™ is the next generation of the highly acclaimed clinical evoked potential and OAE system, the GSI Audera. The Audera Pro offers a comprehensive battery of test types, covering evoked potentials (EP) and otoacoustic emissions (OAE). The Audera Pro comes with all of the great features of its predecessor but now offers a number of significant updates to support the needs of the modern audiology practice.




Download GSI’s new Teleaudiology Guide below. This guide provides an in-depth overview of the current teleaudiology landscape including synchronous and asynchronous options, what GSI offers, and how to implement teleaudiology in your practice.


More than ever, patients are becoming open to telehealth options. Telemedicine and teleaudiology are becoming more readily available with widespread advances in technology. Teleaudiology can improve your access to patients, keep costs in check, and improve efficiency in many areas of your practice. GSI has a store and forward solution through our proprietary automated audiometry solution, GSI AMTAS. Store and forward does not need direct supervision by the clinician and can be run by a trained staff member.


Check out our NEW resources below when considering teleaudiology for your practice. We have an informative webinar on how to improve access to hearing healthcare and a podcast reviewing what’s available in the market today - live, video, face to face, and our store and forward option. We also have included direct links below from some of our ask the experts on teleaudiology. You can find all of these resources on the EDUCATION tab of our website within the GSI ADVANCE program.


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Teleaudiology: Improving Access to Hearing Healthcare

Audiology Online course, subscription required for CEU credit.
Learning Level: Introductory
Presenter: Laura Prigge, AuD

Advancements in audiology diagnostic and therapeutic technologies combined with readily available communication technologies have provided an opportunity to revolutionize hearing health services in low-resource communities across the globe. This presentation will define modalities of teleaudiology and demonstrate how each method can be applied to bridge the gap to quality hearing health services.


  • five-star

    April 2020

    “This course was informative on something I am completely unfamiliar with.”

  • five-star

    March 2020

    “Interest in telemedicine is growing and I wanted to see how audiologists could utilize this practice. Course presented some valid ways to provide telepractice.”

  • four-star

    March 2020

    “I enjoyed learning about the background on teleaudiology and how it then segued into use of automated audiology as part of testing, either live or store and forward teleaudiometry. Explanation of the test procedures on the GSI AMTAS was helpful to illustrate the concepts.”


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  • tony

Listen in to our podcast that will discuss the two types of teleaudiology being used in the market (live/video/face to face and store & forward) and learn how to implement this into your practice with our store and forward solution, GSI AMTAS.

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The GSI AudioStar Pro provides efficient, familiar, and customizable usability in a clinical 2 channel audiometer. The AudioStar Pro is versatile with a multitude of testing features for comprehensive audiometric test evaluations. The AudioStar Pro provides the flexibility of a stand-alone audiometer that offers seamless data transfer to a computer. In the event of a network failure or computer lock up, you will not lose patient data or the ability to test.


This audiometer now includes new software, hardware, and OS enhancements that will improve your testing and data management workflow. The new AudioStar Pro maintains the familiar control panel design with new quick access buttons, many new features, and a significant improvement in speed.




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“We’ve had this AudioStar Pro for three years. I requested it because of the ease of use and the quickness of testing a patient. From the 16, to the 61, to the AudioStar Pro, everything is in the same position where I’m easily able to get my appropriate testing done.” – Jenny Nordberg, AuD.

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As technology and learning preferences continue to evolve in the field of audiology, there is a growing demand for additional online educational offerings. GSI ADVANCE is the next generation of learning from Grason-Stadler, providing online education at your fingertips.

ADVANCE offers educational topics that cover a wide variety of content and learning mediums. The video above highlights multiple categories of educational materials available to you, from webinar courses that are CEU credit eligible, to a full library of quick videos and ask the expert topics.