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GSI Video Otoscope

The GSI Otoscope™ is a compact, portable, USB-powered magnification tool designed for external ear canal and tympanic membrane examination. These examinations are invaluable in the identification, evaluation, documentation, and diagnosis of ear disorders.

At the push of a button, the GSI Otoscope captures high-resolution images that can be saved to GSI Suite™. Real-time analysis creates a more efficient workflow supporting clear communication between the clinician and patient.

  • otoscope-image

    Otoscopy Images of the Left and Right Ear

With the integration of GSI Video Otoscope and GSI Suite, clinicians can now capture crucial information during examinations and effortlessly incorporate findings and diagnoses into patient records. The integration of GSI Suite and GSI Video Otoscope ensures an efficient and accurate patient experience.

The GSI Suite software supports the needs of the contemporary clinic, making reporting and patient education straightforward and intuitive for clinicians. For additional information on the all-in-one reporting solution, visit the GSI Suite page.

Watch the Demo Below!

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Follow the link below to get in contact with your local GSI distributor and learn more about how you can integrate the new GSI Otoscope into your clinic.