The latest version of the GSI TympStar Pro™ includes a new higher resolution touchscreen, WideBand Tympanometry testing* and hardware changes that make the device faster. Utilizing a new stimulus, WideBand tympanometry (WBT) consists of an automatic sequence of measurements that provide a comprehensive set of data on the status of the middle ear while at the same time using the same test procedure as traditional tympanometry.

The TympStar Pro automatically displays tympanograms at 226, 678, 800, and 1000 Hz along with a WideBand Averaged Tympanogram that is calculated over a select number of frequencies. The WideBand absorbance test shows how well the middle ear absorbs sound across the frequency range.

*With advanced license

One pressure sweep of the wideband click results in the automatic calculation and display of:

  • Tympanograms at 226 Hz, 678 Hz, 800 Hz and 1000 Hz probe tones
  • Tympanic peak pressure (TPP), ear canal volume (Vea), and admittance for each probe tone
  • WideBand averaged tympanogram
  • Middle Ear absorbance across the frequency range
  • Age specific normative data for absorbance at tympanic peak pressure (TPP) and ambient pressure

When using WideBand testing on the TympStar Pro, users can gather a full set of tympanometry data in the same time that it would take to do a single 226 Hz sweep. WideBand tympanometry can be used for infants to simultaneously obtain tympanograms at both 226 and 1000 Hz for accurate interpretation. Age-specific normative data is included, and can be customized, to provide an easy visualization of the test results that clinicians can share with their patients for counseling purposes.

Results include an absorbance graph, which shows how much sound is absorbed by the middle ear from low to high frequency. The absorbance pattern in an ear with normal middle ear function differs considerably from ears with middle ear pathology. Examples of absorbance tracings for common middle ear pathologies such as otosclerosis, middle ear effusion, and discontinuity of the ossicular chain are provided and can assist in test interpretation.




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