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    The GSI Pello™ is a versatile mid-level audiometer that fits your needs now and into the future. Familiar in design, the Pello has many of the features and functionality you expect from Grason-Stadler. The standard Pello includes integrated wordlists and is ideal for basic diagnostic audiometric evaluations. As your practice’s needs change, it’s easy to enhance testing capabilities with additional licenses for tests such as the TEN test, QuickSIN, and high frequency audiometry. Portable, stand-alone, and PC enabled, the Pello is the perfect audiometry solution for a growing practice.

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Pello Audiology Instrumentation


Is the GSI Pello portable?

Yes, the Pello is small and lightweight, making it ideal for any environment, regardless of testing space size. The Pello's portability makes it a great option for use at offsite testing or satellite offices.

How is the Pello adaptable to my clinic’s needs?

The Pello comes with a standard configuration that includes air, bone, and speech testing. However, as your clinic's needs change, you can easily upgrade your device at any time to include the Speech Plus, Special Tests, or High Frequency licenses. This makes the Pello a perfect tool to grow with your practice.

Does the Pello come with word lists built into the device?

Yes, the Pello comes with more than 100 common word lists that may be organized into a “favorites” list for each test type. You can seamlessly implement the reliability and consistency of recorded speech stimuli without fumbling with external devices during a patient exam.

Is there a way to switch between mastoid bone and forehead testing?

Both calibrations are stored to address various bone conduction audiometry needs. Audiologists can switch between forehead and mastoid bone testing as dictated by the patient/test environment.

What are some of the benefits for the configurable tests and preferences?

You can maximize your workflow and speed of testing when using the configurations and preferences. You may choose to start in the speech screen rather than the tone screen, the left ear rather than the right, a specific dB level, and frequency based on user or facility preferences.

Audiologist Testing Patient Hearing

The Pello has four testing modules that can be used to customize the diagnostic audiometer. The standard configuration includes air, bone, and speech audiometry. The Speech Plus package adds Quick SIN BKB-SIN and AZ Bio tests that are used for cochlear implant evaluations. The Special Tests option includes test types that can bring additional insight into an audiometric evaluation. This includes the TEN test to identify cochlear dead regions and the ability to control the instrument with an external keyboard for efficiency. Finally, the High Frequency option adds on high frequency testing to the audiometer that is ideal for many scenarios, including ototoxic monitoring.



  • Pello Audiometer Portable


    Customize default settings with the Configuration Application. Organize over 100 included wordlists into a “favorites” list for easy access. Create and manage a list of usernames with optional associated passwords for additional data security.

  • Pello Audiometer Features Adaptable


    As your referral sources grow, the standard Pello audiometer may be upgraded at any point in the future, with new features and tests. Choose from three additional configurations: Speech Plus, High Frequency, and/or Special Tests.

  • Pello Audiometer Feature Efficiency


    GSI is recognized worldwide as the most user-friendly front panel design in audiometry. Our user-friendly interface lets you quickly transition between test types with the one button, one function front panel design.

Audiologist explaining testing results

Save time and reduce errors with the seamless integration of the patient audiogram into hearing aid fitting software. Results are immediately available in GSI Suite, so you can provide comprehensive patient care.



    The Pello has the capability to perform a full range of audiometric testing in a small package with air, bone, and speech audiometry capabilities.


    Save time and reduce the risk of errors that can occur with manual entry. The Pello provides seamless integration of the patient audiogram into hearing aid fitting software through Noah. Results are also immediately available in GSI Suite, where they can be attached to an EMR or saved in another location.


    Use the audiometer independently or with a computer. With one button press, transfer data to GSI Suite to manage records, draft reports, and apply counseling overlays, or use GSI Suite within Noah tp conduct hearing aid fittings.


    A small, lightweight design makes the Pello audiometer ideal for a variety of environments, including offices, clinics, satellite locations, and more. 


    GSI is recognized worldwide as the preferred and most user-friendly front panel design for audiometry. You'll appreciate its easy-to-use features and color display that helps you interpret results at a glance.


    Quickly access pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry. One button press facilitates the transition of stimuli and test protocols for ease of use. 

  • Pello Standard Audiometry Testing Screen


    The standard configuration allows you to perform air conduction, bone conduction, and speech audiometry. Integrated word lists provide the convenience of presenting recorded speech stimuli without the use of external CD players or other devices.

  • Speech-in-Noise Audiometry Test Screen


    Speech Plus adds the benefit of advanced speech perception tests. Evaluate speech-in-noise quickly and accurately using the QuickSIN. The BKB-SIN includes normative data for ages five to adults. AZ Bio is a validated sentence test that assists in determining speech perception abilities of the hearing impaired and cochlear implant candidates ages five and older. Audiologists can expand patient services and seamlessly add value to audiologic evaluations by performing speech-in-noise tests.

  • Pello Special Tests Audiometry Screen


    The Special Test configuration combines a variety of traditional audiometric tests with the latest tests and test stimuli. Legacy tests of Tone Decay, SISI, and ABLB are included. Pediatric Noise, a frequency-specific stimulus is paired with remote operation of the Pello using keyboard shortcuts. Both are invaluable tools when evaluating pediatric patients. Implement the TEN Test to identify cochlear dead regions to assist in counseling and hearing aid fittings.

  • High Frequency Air Bone Conduction Testing Screen


    High Frequency testing is essential when monitoring patients taking ototoxic medications. Tinnitus evaluations are enhanced when pitch-matching is performed using Fine Hz resolution. The circumaural headphones are conveniently calibrated for the full frequency range of 125 - 20,000 Hz. Add the High Frequency option when your referrals increase.


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A clinician reviewing audiometry testing results

With one button press, test results are transferred from the Pello to GSI Suite software where audiometric, tympanometric, and OAE test results may be combined into a single comprehensive report. Counseling overlays, such as the speech banana or hearing loss levels, assist clinicians when explaining the results to the patient and family members.



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