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The Audible Contrast Threshold test, or ACT™, is a new test available on the GSI AudioStar Pro™. The ACT offers a quick 2-minute test to accurately estimate a person’s real-world ability to understand speech in noisy environments. The ACT results provide a reliable correlation with aided speech-in-noise performance and is language independent. This means the ACT test can be performed on any patient regardless of their native language. The test utilizes the patient’s audiometric test results to ensure the ACT stimulus is audible.



  • Easy Task for Patients to Accomplish
  • Language Independent
  • Predicts Aided Speech-In-Noise Performance
  • 2 Minute Testing
  • Counseling and Hearing Aid Fitting Tool
  • Import to Oticon Fitting Software*

Conducting the Test

The ACT test procedure is very similar to pure tone audiometry and easy for the patient to perform. The patient listens to modulated noise along with intermittent siren type sounds. Each time they hear the siren sound, they press the response button. The results are tabulated, and an ACT value is provided to the hearing healthcare provider. This ACT value predicts the patient’s aided speech-in-noise ability and when compared to normative, data guides the provider with recommendations for the hearing aid fitting. The ACT value can be easily imported to Oticon fitting software for guidance on hearing aid settings.*

*Will be available early 2024 in Oticon Genie 2 fitting software.