The BKB-SIN test is a speech-in-noise test developed for children and adult cochlear implant users. It includes normative data for adults, adults with cochlear implants, and children in various age ranges. The BKB-SIN Test is a flexible tool that can be applied clinically in a variety of ways.


The BKB-SIN contains 18 List Pairs. Each List Pair consists of two lists of eight to ten sentences each. The first sentence in each list has four key words, and the remaining sentences each have three. A verbal “ready” cue precedes each sentence. The key words in each sentence are scored as correct or incorrect. The sentences are presented at prerecorded signal-to-noise ratios that decrease in 3-dB steps.

Presentation Levels

The choice of presentation level depends on the purpose of testing. For standard SNR Loss testing the BKB-SIN Test should be presented at a relatively high level—loud, but not uncomfortable. Normative data on normal-hearing adults and normal-hearing children was collected using binaural presentation via insert earphones, at a presentation level of 70 dB HL. Normative data on adult cochlear implant users was collected using a 65 dB SPL presentation level in sound field (equivalent to 50 dB HL at 0 degrees azimuth). Tests can be performed in the right, left, or binaural conditions.


Test Instructions


“You will hear a man talking to you through the earphones (or loudspeaker). He is going to say “Ready” and then he'll say a sentence. Repeat the sentence the man says. You will hear other talkers in the background. Don't pay any attention to them; just repeat what the man says. The background talkers will get louder, and then it will be hard for you to hear the man's voice. When that happens, it is OK to guess; repeat anything you think you heard the man say.”


“Imagine that you are at a party. There will be a woman talking and several other talkers in the background. The woman’s voice is easy to hear at first, because her voice is louder than the others. Repeat each sentence the woman says. The background talkers will gradually become louder, making it difficult to understand the woman’s voice, but please guess and repeat as much of each sentence as possible.”

Test Procedure with AudioStar Pro and Pello*

1. Select the proper transducer and levels for each channel.

2. Select the appropriate age from the Navigation Menu (results can not be saved unless an age has been selected).

3. Using the Word Nav and front panel navigation buttons or an external mouse, select the first sentence.

4. Press the present bar or click the first sentence.

5. Select Word Nav and use the front panel navigation buttons or an external mouse to select the next sentence.

6. Press the INCORRECT button for the key words repeated incorrectly by the patient. Continue until all sentences in the list have been presented. Press the Store button to save the results.

7. The SNR Loss score will appear in the SCORE/WORD window.

8. Select additional list pairs for testing if necessary. 

*With Speech Plus license.

Interpreting BKB-SIN Test Results

Interpreting test results for children should be done on a case-by-case basis. For adults, the table below can be used.