Which GSI Equipment is Recommended for Newborn Hearing Screening?

Reading Time: 2 min
by Tony Lombardo, MS

Conducting newborn hearing screening is critical for the early identification of hearing loss in infants, but performing this test can come with a multitude of challenging variables. Restlessness may be a significant factor that could impact the accuracy of testing outcomes in newborn hearing screening. Continue reading this blog as we dive into newborn hearing screening and highlight the GSI products that have proven to provide reliable results for newborn hearing screening programs around the world.

GSI Novus

AABR testing being performed on a newborn

The Novus is a sleek, handheld, comprehensive newborn screener that is easy to use and provides a pass or refer result, quickly. The Novus offers both Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) and Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) testing, CE-Chirp stimuli for ABR, and a quick test option. The device is also equipped with HearSIM data management software, enabling clinicians to monitor patients, export information, and coordinate follow-up testing.

The Novus is an ideal option for 2-stage testing programs, offering reliability when clinics screen newborns. Additionally, the user can export Excel sheets for tracking statistics as well as consistent data management options.

GSI Corti

An infant being evaluated for otoacoustic emissions with the GSI Corti

When performing Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) testing on newborns, the GSI Corti stands out for its consistency, speed, and user-friendly design. The Corti offers DPOAE and/or TEOAE testing to meet the needs of every newborn hearing screening program. Additionally, testing is completed with a single button press. The Corti features a patented noise reduction algorithm, enabling convenient testing right in the mother’s room without the need for a separate space. Additionally, infection control protocols are easily met with disposable probe tips that are not only affordable, but also simple to use and replace.

Designed Smart, Built Strong

Whether you’re looking for a reliable newborn screener or DPOAE and TEOAE device, Grason-Stadler has premier options that ensure consistent newborn test results. For more information on GSI products, follow the link: