GSI Corti OAE Hearing Screener

Can the GSI Corti Test Patients with PE Tubes?

Reading Time: 2 min
by Laura Prigge, AuD

Yes. The Corti can easily test patients with PE tubes. To do so, the probe check needs to be disabled. The Corti runs a probe check that begins automatically after testing is initiated. The probe check display shows a cone, larger at the left and tapering toward the right, representing the ear canal volume from very large (blue area) to very small (orange area). The vertical white bar indicates the measured ear canal volume and probe fit stability.

If the measured ear canal volume is in the normal range for testing and the vertical bar is stable in the gray portion of the cone, it will turn green, the device will calibrate, and testing will be initialized:

Corti Probe Check

Corti Probe Check Pass

If the ear canal volume is too large for the test to begin, the probe is not in the ear, or there is a large leak, the ear seal indicator will move to the left in the blue part of the cone.

Corti Probe Check Fail


In patients with patent PE tubes, the probe check will not pass, no matter how well the probe is positioned in the ear canal. To complete testing, the probe check needs to be bypassed. This is accomplished by first inserting the probe with appropriate ear tip into the ear canal and obtaining a proper seal. To disable AutoStart at the main menu, select the ear to be tested by holding down the RIGHT or LEFT arrow key for three seconds until the green “ready” light turns off. Once the key is released, the Corti will calibrate and test as before. The appropriate in-the-ear stimulus intensity levels are applied to ears with PE tubes.