5 Things to Know - GSI 39

Reading Time: 2 min
by Tony Lombardo, MS

The GSI 39™ comes in 5 different versions:

GSI 39 Versions

In addition to these configuration options, the 1000 Hz probe tone can be added to any of the above versions. This allows users to select the configuration that fits their needs. Of course, at any time, the additional remaining test types not originally included with the GSI 39 can be licensed and upgraded in the field, allowing users to accommodate their changing needs. 

The GSI 39 is a popular choice for a variety of facilities. From environments that serve children like a pediatrician’s office or school nurse, to others focused on adults such as a hearing aid dispensing office or occupational health. Regardless of the application, being able to obtain a fast and accurate tympanogram a strength of the GSI 39. The screening tympanogram protocol has been optimized for 226 Hz with a quick and reliable probe check, auto-start, fast pressure sweep, and auto-stop function once the tymp tracing returns to baseline. The GSI 39 “pencil probe” used for 226 Hz is lightweight and comfortable to handle, making it easy to place and obtain a seal. The GSI 39 is just as well suited for a fussy child, where every second counts to get results, as it is for a dispensing clinic to rapidly confirm normal middle ear function for their hearing aid candidates.      

The GSI 39 is lightweight and when combined with the optional carry case, it becomes easily portable. It is ideal for community events, occupational health, health fairs, satellite offices and at a patient’s bedside. No matter what test you are doing: screening tymps, ipsi and reflexes, or air conduction thresholds, the GSI 39 is easy get there and easy to set up. The on-board printer allows for sharing results on the fly.   

The GSI 39 is often used by non-hearing healthcare professionals, such as nurses and physician assistants, because it is intuitive, fast, and easy to use. The GSI 39 comes equipped with a convenient, laminated quick guide, as well as an interpretation guide that can be hung close to the device making it easy to evaluate results for tympanometry. These useful aids come in handy for those who are using the device as well as tools to train new employees.   

An Audiologist consulting a patient with tympanometry testing results

Last, but not least, the ability to document and share results. The GSI 39 is compatible with GSI Suite, which comes included with the 39 at the time of delivery. The GSI 39 connects to a PC with GSI Suite that allows users to store, review, and print reports from the test results coming from the GSI 39. The results can be transferred to GSI Suite between each patient, or up to 12 complete patient sessions can be stored on the device and transferred individually later. The on-board printer is also a great option, especially when mobile.  No matter what your testing situation is, the GSI 39 can handle it.

For more information about the GSI 39, visit the product page, download the product quick guide, and contact your local distributor.