GSI Audera Generating High Quality Data


Generating High Quality Data

The GSI Audera™ provides AEP, OAE and ASSR testing in a modular system for the busy audiology and ENT practice. Audera excels in generating high quality data, providing simple system operation, and utilizing convenient database management. Test results are easily interpreted through comparison to normative data sets.

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GSI Audera CE-Chirp Video
GSI Audera Featuring CE-Chirp

Featuring CE-Chirp®

GSI Audera is proud to feature the CE-Chirp and CE-Chirp Octave Band stimuli. Wave V generated by a CE-Chirp has been demonstrated to be 1.5 to 2 times larger in amplitude than Wave V generated by a Click. This results in reduced test time, less need for sedation, and increased test confidence.

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  • Audera Evoked Potentials Features 1

    One database

    Reduce training time and increase comfort level using the same operation for all modalities - AEP, OAE and ASSR. Have a consistent user interface, short cut keys and automated test sequencing. Protect your data with a robust and flexible SQL database to archive, backup and review all patient data. 

  • Audera Evoked Potentials Features 2

    Shape your testing

    Choose from the standard clinical protocols or customize your own with the easy to use protocol wizard. Create a consistent testing regime for all patients or research protocols insuring a standardized methodology is used with automatic testing protocols. Enhance clinical confidence of data interpretation when comparing results to published norms, or set your own normative data for research.

  • Audera Evoked Potentials Features 3

    Keeping the focus

    Check electrode impedance on the amplifier beside the patient instead of having to go back and forth to the computer.  Scroll through the various evoked potential exams without having to go to the main screen and recall another exam. Save time and increase clinical confidence using CE-Chirp, CE-Chirp Octave Band stimuli with up to 2 times greater ABR amplitudes. 

Key System Features

  • 1.  Customizable Protocols 

    Save valuable time by using standard protocols or establish your own with an easy-to-use protocol wizard. 

  • 2.  CE-Chirp and CE-Chirp Octave Band 

    Retrieve more robust and faster CE-Chirp Wave V results for those potentially challenging patients. 

  • 3.  Normative Data

    Published normative data is provided for CE-Chirp, CE-Chirp Octave Band, ASSR, and OAE. Seamlessly establish norms in your clinic. 

GSI Audera Product Features
  • 4.  DPOAE Measurements & CPT Reimbursements

    Expand diagnostic capabilities and test up to 16 kHz. Perform effective ototoxic monitoring with ultra-high and micro fine frequencies. 

  • 5.  ABR Amplifier Electrode Impedance Measurements

    Save time, make adjustments and check electrodes without having to run back and forth to the base unit. 

  • 6.  AEP, OAE, ASSR Consistent User Interface

    Reduce training time and increase comfort level using the same operation for all three modalities.




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