GSI Audiometric Equipment

Setting the clinical standard

For over 65 years, we have established our position as a world-wide leader in audiometric equipment. Setting the Clinical Standard is not just our motto, but is the driving force behind everything that we do, from the people we hire to the products and services we develop and support.

Core Attributes

Quality, Reliability and User-Friendly are the three core attributes that are the backbone to the GSI brand. These attributes are what you should expect out of any GSI product.

  • GSI Product Features Quality


    Built to Last

    Product quality has been a hallmark of the GSI brand over the years, and remains the predominant association people have with the company to this day. GSI products are built to last. GSI legacy products are still in operation in many practices worldwide, which is a true testament to our quality standards.

  • GSI Product Features Reliable


    Eliminate down time

    GSI products are built to operate in any environment without restrictions being connected to a PC. In events of a network failure, GSI products are stand-alone allowing the user to continue their testing. Most GSI products are PC enabled allowing for seamless EMR transferring.

  • GSI Product Features User Friendly


    Familiar accessibility

    A signature hallmark of a GSI product is the ergonomic design and one-button, one-function accessibility. Our goal is to keep the users focused on the patient, not on the product. Users quickly familiarize themselves with both the control panel and menu navigation.


One of the most important reasons GSI has established industry leadership is the strategic partnerships we have developed with our distributors and customers. Our partners have always been active participants and collaborators in the business process, providing important feedback on product development, training and process improvement. Another important Partnership is with educational, training and research institutes. GSI prides itself in partnering with the leading universities and foundations for their research, tests and clinical trials. With a worldwide distributor network of over 100 offices, GSI provides products and support to hearing health care professionals in over 70 countries.

GSI Complete Solution Product Overview

A Complete Solution

Today the diversity of hearing health care professionals and clinical settings is great, each with varying needs. GSI offers a full line of audiometers, middle ear analyzers, otoacoustic emissions and auditory evoked potential instruments for clinical, diagnostic and screening environments. GSI couples the comfort and tradition of testing on a dedicated device with the convenient one button data transfer to a PC.  See Products