GSI Audioscreener+ Two-In-One Technology

Two-in-one technology

Versatility in OAE and ABR Screening

The GSI Audioscreener+™ is a combination hearing screening device. This instrument combines otoacoustic emissions (OAE) and auditory brainstem response (ABR) in a hand-held, PC-free, simple-to-operate device. Its unique versatility allows it to be used both in hospital and physician office settings.

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    All-in-one screening

    Examiners that test infants in nurseries and NICUs can use one instrument to address both screening requirements of ABR and OAE. Satellite clinics that have different OAE protocols requirements, such as TEOAE and DPOAE, may be addressed with a single unit. 

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    Simplify your data

    Manage over 300 patients in the internal database. Simplify data management while providing powerful data control. Easily transfer, sort, view and archive patient results for fast analysis and infant data archiving. 

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    Meet your requirements

    Transfer results to OZ and HiTrack to fulfill requirements for different state report standards. Benefit from reporting to meet reimbursement criteria for OAE CPT Codes.

Key Features

  • 1.  Comprehensive Screening

    ABR, TEOAE, DPOAE screener with automated Pass / Refer results.

  • 2.  Automatic Gain Control 

    ABR and OAE stimulus level is adjusted automatically when placed in the ear canal.  Accurate stimulus presentation is achieved for each individual patient.


  • 3.  Predefined or Custom Protocols

    Increase flexibility: create new protocols with extended frequency and intensity options and stopping and scoring rules.  


GSI Audioscreener+ Product Features
  • 4.  Multiple Report Formats

    Increase confidence and flexibility in interpretation for both ABR and OAE by viewing results in either graphic or simple format. 


  • 5.  Quality Assurance

    Easily obtain, track and report quality statistics by tracking screening results and examiner performance. 


  • 6.  Simplify Data Management

    High volume birthing centers can easily transfer, sort, view and archive patient results for fast analysis and infant data archiving. 



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