GSI-AMTAS Self-Administered Assessment Tool

Self-administered assessment tool

Patient directed, patient friendly

GSI is excited to introduce GSI-AMTAS™, a NEW self-administered assessment tool that provides an automated method for obtaining a diagnostic audiogram. The audiogram can include air and bone conduction thresholds (with masking) as well as speech audiometry. The GSI-AMTAS software module is loaded onto a computer with a patient-friendly software program; that computer is connected to a GSI audiometer to complete the evaluation.

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  • Self-directed and self-paced
  • Pure Tone: Air and Bone with masking
  • Speech: SRT and WRS with masking
  • Configurable based on testing needs
  • 8 Data Quality indicators
  • Report Options: Diagnostic and Counselling

Comfortable Testing

The test is self-paced so patients may proceed at a rate that is comfortable for them. Feedback is provided to the patient that helps them distinguish between test tones and other auditory sensations.